Pink Day in LA is on October 25th this year! Are you ready?

It's that time of year again to don your pink-colored clothing and armor and head to Lion's Arche in the games of Guild Wars and Guild Wars !

If this is your first Pink Day, then sit back and let us explain what it's all about. Pink Day is a day Gamers Giving Back sets aside to help raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society in the name of fighting breast cancer. And, of course, if you do donate to the cause, you've a chance to win some pretty neat swag and prizes. You can check an on-going list of potential goodies here.

Check further down for server and in-game event information and more!

Pink Day in LA Hosting Servers

With the introduction of Mega Servers there's now more of a chance to mingle with other Pink Day goers from different same-regional servers! There are multiple mega server hosts setup in case of, well, multiple mega servers spawning as the event goes on. However, home servers are still in charge of putting it all together!

Here's a list of the home servers hosting the event!

    Guild Wars 2 NA Servers
  • Henge of Denravi
  • Stormbluff Isle
  • Sea of Sorrows
  • Tarnished Coast
  • Blackgate
  • Darkhaven
  • Northern Shiverpeaks
  • Sanctum of Rall
  • Dragonbrand

    Guild Wars 2 EU servers
  • Aurora Glade
  • Desolation
  • Gandara

For Guild Wars 1 we will be in International District 1

The Schedule

If you will be joining us in Guild Wars 2 on Pink Day, we have plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Most events will be described near the start on-air or in-game, so be sure to keep your ears and eyes out for it!

All times listed are in Central Standard Time and are subject to change depending on games.

  • 12:00pm – Kickoff the event on-air with greetings!
    • First Crafting Request
  • 12:30pm – On-air Interview with the Canadian Cancer Society
  • 12:45pm – Second Crafting Request
  • 1:00pm - Start the Pink Day Race
  • 1:15pm – Third Crafting Request
  • 1:30pm – Race should still be on-going or we read Results and do the draws
  • 2:00pm – (pending Race time finishes)
    • Fourth Crafting Request
  • 2:30pm – STRIKE A POSE Competition
  • 2:45pm – Fifth Crafting Request
  • 3:00pm – DJ Switches On-air (Refresh Radio Streams if needed)
  • 3:30pm – Sixth Crafting Request
    • Seventh Crafting Request<;i>
  • 5:00pm – Eighth Crafting Request
  • 5:15pm – Guild Wars 2-wide Conga Lines / Screenies to Twitter/Facebook or Pink Ribbons and Hearts
  • 5:30pm – Thank Yous and Final Announcements
  • 6:00pm – Kick off the After Party!

Donation Prize List!

The prize list for Pink Day is being worked on and added to! Already there are some sweet incentives to donate for which you can check out by clicking the 'PRIZES' link at the top. Keep an eye out as we'll be adding on-air prizes for those listening to GW-EN on Pink Day!