Like all great things, Pink Day started as an idea.

Pink Day in LA was first hatched by a small group of like-minded individuals who wanted to see the community they had grown fond of become a something bigger and better. They wanted to show the power of a MMO community and the gaming medium by bringing together players to rally behind a cause that affected more than just those who play video games. On June 16th, 2007, the first Pink Day in LA took place in the international districts of Lion's Arch which was flooded with players wearing all different manner of pink-colored armor. The turn out was bigger than anyone had anticipated, and for the first year, it was a great show of what was to come.

Fast forward to 2010...

The Gaming World Entertainment Network is still working the kinks out of the newely launched radio stream and website, but already murmurs of the revitalization of Pink Day were being spread. Pink Day in LA, by then, was all but dead. The original crew that put the events together in 2007 and 2008 just couldn't find the time and energy to fully commit to another event in 2009, and the future of it all seemed pretty dark. Until the 30th of July in 2010, when it was announced that GW-EN and Gamer's Giving Back would revive Pink Day in LA and make it bigger and better than before, and with the support of the Canadian Cancer Society!

With their help, and the hundreds and hundreds of players and supporters that came out for the event on October 16th, Pink Day was a huge success, raising over $11,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. There were and still are no words for expressing how truly awesome everyone was.

And now?

The only way to go from the success of last year is up.

Pink Day: A History


There was no big gatherings or giveaways. Red and silver dyes were given out to players who wanted to show their support by dying their favorite armor set pink. Even for its small size, it was seen as a success at the time.


With the help of Blade Radio, giveaways were had for answering Breast Cancer-releated trivia across a number of districts. We even learned of a better dye combination was red and purple, and we once again gave out sets of those dyes to those looking to show their support with pink armor.


Sadly, the event was not able to stay up due to the lack of numbers in the founder's guild while Blade Radio had become quiet. However, it wasn't long before someone came along to give Pink Day a helping hand...


Pink Day in LA came to life, becoming something far more than any of the original founders could have foreseen. Thanks to the huge efforts made by Rhonda (M A L I B U Barbie) and the Gaming World Entertainment Network, Pink Day was back! For the first time in the event's history, Pink Day in LA collected donations for the Canadian Cancer Society and raised over $11,000 for cancer research! ArenaNet pitched in by adding in a NPC that sold players pink dye that was not previously available.


Pink Day in LA saw the return of Rosa Salvitas and another wonderful turnout by players and fans who raised just under the goal of $13,370 for the Canadian Cancer Society.


With the release of Guild Wars 2, this was the first year Pink Day was in more than one game, though with certain limitations in place, it was a bit more difficult for players to participate than in previous years. Thankfully, with the help of players from multiple servers, Pink Day still managed to be eventful as previous years.


One of our website/social media staff birthed the idea of a pre-event for Pink Day to kick off the fundraising; the Quaggan Waddle! Players in Guild Wars 2 consume Quaggan tonics, which prevent them from entering combat, set their toons to walking speed, and waddle their way across Tyria, spreading cheer, getting the word out about Pink Day, and raising funds. The first Quaggan Waddles raises $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society.
Pink Day in LA continues to happen in both Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2, and we raise over $13,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. 


The Quaggan Waddle returns, raising a staggering $4,000 in 5 hours. In total, our fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society raises over $15,000 across the Quaggan Waddle and events in Guild Wars 1 and 2. 

This year, we had our first non-English language stream, as DragonBrand Heroes streamed Pink Day in Portuguese! 


Pink Day grows even more; Quaggan Waddle enters its third year and for the first time, we get to offer Pink Day in ArcheAge, in addition to in Guild Wars 1 and 2! 


Stay tuned as the Pink Day story continues to evolve.