1:30pm CDT - Memorial Gathering in Guild Wars 1 at the Sadie Salvitas Statue (Lion’s Arch). This will be in honour of those who have been lost, those battling and our cancer survivors!
3:30pm CDT - Costume Contest! The Pinker the better - the more creative the better!
Trivia will be happening every 15 minutes throughout the event! So pay attention to “Trade Chat” There will be trivia direct at the GW 1 crowd on-air as well - so make sure to tune in :)
Water Balloon Battle Royale
A massive battle to see who will rise to Water Balloon Greatness!

Strike A Pose
Petrify your way into showing off your best side. Work it Gurl!

Master Chef
So you think you are good at the Cooking skill? Come test your dish creation mastery out as we give challenges to see who is the best!

Costume Contest
Dress your character in a fun or pink way! Be creative with your armor pieces! Each race will have an individual category!

Jumping Puzzle Race
We all know that Jumping puzzles can be both delightful and a pain. We are going to up the ante in Lion’s Arch as we challenge you to race to the finish - with a twist!

Mini Games
In between each event there will be various games like Hide N Seek and Human Darts*! *No humans will actually be harmed in the making of Human Darts

It's that time of year again!

Gamers Giving Back and the Gaming World Entertainment Network are excited to present the Quaggan Waddle, back for a *third* consecutive year this Saturday, September 16th at 12pm EDT (New York, New York time, check your timezone here)

All of us at Gamers Giving Back have been working hard at getting ready for this year’s Pink Day festivities (more information on that to come) and none of us can believe it’s time to waddle again but alas, the time has come.

Never waddled before? The premise is simple! On Saturday, Sept 16th, join the Gamers Giving Back crew in Rata Sum in Guild Wars 2, set yourself to “walk”, down a Quaggan Tonic, and waddle along as we explore Tyria from the Maguuma Jungle to Ascalon, making stops and laughs along the way.

Want to join us? RSVP to the Facebook event (and share it!), tell your Quaggan-loving pals. If you can’t join us in-game, you can always watch us on Twitch.tv or tweet us, and use the hashtag #quagganwaddle2017

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society via our Pink Day in LA fundraising page are greatly appreciated.
See you soon?